Willow - Taylor Swift (Bardcore | Medieval Style Cover)

Happy New Year! Hopefully this is no longer the winter of our discontent, and you are all doing well. I took a bit of a breather over Christmas break, and by that I mean I started several songs and wasn't satisfied enough to post them. Then I came across Taylor Swift's new song and decided to give it the Bardcore treatment. No groundbreaking lyrical genius on my part here, but if you can spot the reference to one of my all time favourite fantasy movies, you win 10 points!
Also, I was very excited to take my new Tony Dixon low D whistle for a spin. (Not sponsored, just a fan) As for the art, I couldn't find a single manuscript with a usable willow, so I drew this one myself. I also painted the lady, who is based on an image from an illustrated manuscript of Le Roman de la Rose entitled Husband and Wife as Equals.
I am like the water when thy ship roll’d in that night
Rough on the surface, but thou cut’st through like a knife
And if we were not bound by fate,
Ne’er would have known from the look on thy face
Lost in thy current like a priceless wine
The more thou dost say, the less I know
Whither thou wilt stray, I follow
I beg of thee, please, take my hand,
Foil my plans, thou'rt my man
Life was a willow and it bent before thy wind
Head on the pillow, I could feel thee stealing in
As if thou wert a mythical thing,
A chalice from the palace or a champion ring
There was one prize I would die to win
The more thou dost say, the less I know
Whither thou wilt stray, I follow
I beg of thee, please, take my hand,
Foil my plans, thou'rt my man
Thou knowest my ship could bear thee home
Anywhere else is hollow
I beg of thee, please, take my hand,
Foil my plans, thou'rt my man
Life was a willow, and it bent before thy wind
I am scorned time and time again
Life was a willow, and it bent before thy wind
Yet I return like an old refrain
Wait for the signal, I shall meet thee after dark
Down by the tree where my name and mine are carv’d
Now we two are bound by fate
Belike I might have known from the look on thy face
Every facade was a work of art
The more thou dost say, the less I know
Whither thou wilt stray, I follow
I beg of thee, please, take my hand,
Foil my plans, thou'rt my man
Thou knowest my ship could bear thee home
Anywhere else is hollow
I beg of thee, please, take my hand,
Foil my plans, thou'rt my man
The more thou dost say, the less I know
Whither thou wilt stray, I follow
I beg of thee, please, take my hand,
Foil my plans, thou'rt my man
I know that my ship could bear thee home
Anywhere else is hollow
I beg of thee, please, take my hand,
Foil my plans, thou'rt my man

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